Introducing the Gotwind mobile phone charger. The street charger.

The Gotwind ‘Street Charger’ is a solar powered, portable mobile phone charging unit which will charge 20 mobile phones simultaneously.

Gotwind have developed the’ Street Charger’ in response to the well publicised lack of access to reliable electricity supplies in developing countries largely preventing the use of mobile telephones due to the inability to charge them. The Street Charger will
overcome existing problems with power, using solar power instead of the often un-reliable grid power. The integrated wheels enable it to be pushed around or loaded onto a vehicle to be deployed almost anywhere.

With safety in mind, the street charger operates at low voltage (12 volts) particularly useful outdoors where the weather may cause problems. Two internal batteries are also fitted to supply power when there is no sun or when the unit is indoors. The charging of every type of electronic device has been considered so there is provision to charge a multitude of devices, even the likes of the Iphone 4 or Ipad 2..

The use of the solar powered street charger needn’t be limited for use in developing countries indeed anywhere that grid power is unavailable in developed countries e.g music festivals, large camping events, sports events e.t.c the Gotwind street charger is the answer.

The street charger shown is in its ‘unbranded’ form, simply, natural in colour to express the thought that has been given to using eco-friendly materials in its construction. A full range of colours and branding options can be offered, just ask!!

We are now taking orders for The Street Charger.

Please contact us for further information and a more detailed specifications sheet.

[1] The Street Charger Powered up and ready to charge mobile phones
[2] 20 x 12v outputs for use with in-car chargers
[3] Separate phone battery charger unit
[4] Packed for transport
[5] Solar panel retracts into unit for transportation
[6] Robust marine plywood design for longevity

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