For the third consecutive year, Gotwind are working with Orange on the latest must have Eco Gadget. Orange have asked Gotwind to make their vision into a reality to showcase at this years Glastonbury Festival in Somerset.

Following the success of 2008's Dance Charger and Recharge Pod, Orange have continued to work with GotWind to create the Power Pump, which is the result of Orange's lengthy research into innovative eco-technology that builds on learnings from past Glastonbury inspired designs. In keeping with the green ethos of the festival, the Power Pump uses clean and renewable energy to ensure music lovers stay connected on site.

Our brief was to charge a mobile phone using a standard airbed foot pump, the type normally found all over festival sites.

This year we worked with Fisheye - a Birmingham web design company to help us with modelling the design and ergonomics.

How it works.
The power pump is designed to be used with all standard camping style foot powered air pumps.

At the heart of most power generating devices, you will find an alternator of some sort; the power pump is no different. The pumps turbine is rotated at speeds of up to 2000 rpm from the air flow generated by the foot pump, this turbine then directly drives the small but powerful alternator.

It’s alternator is a highly efficient 3 phase 12 magnetic pole, 9 coil radial axis design, using ceramic magnets in this instance. The 3 phase AC electrical output is then rectified to DC and via some high efficiency charging circuitry that we have developed for the Recharge Pod, directly charges the mobile phone. The Power Pump could be used for charging any other small portable device, for example Ipod, G.P.S and Cameras.

So how much power are we generating?

Typically 1 minute’s foot pumping (at around 60 pumps per minute) will be enough charge to make a 5 minute phone call.

The status LED on the power pumps housing indicates the amount of ‘power per push’ generated.

The Power Pumps output fits all handsets, with the unit measuring 154mm by 129mm with a height of 47mm making it no bigger than a packet of Wet Wipes, is lightweight and easy to fit into your rucksack.

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