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Forgive my ignorance but why is no one using conventional 240v generators with the engine removed?

They turn at 3000rpm but surely you can gear them up?

A man who lives in windy Cumbria and wants to generate. :shock:

Gotwind Ben

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Re: Generators

Hi Andy.
That is a very good question.
3000 rpm is super fast for a wind prop, 400- 1000 rpm is more suited (depends on the diameter of blades) gearing up is an option.
The general thinking is that the added friction/noise/ware is of hinderance, even with the best gear trains, be it belt or toothed.

This is why directly driven lower RPM alternators have been develped. The axial flux design pioneered by Hugh Piggott being one of the best.

As an aside, I think Huw needs to tidy up his website, It's great, but it's a 2 + Mb download to load the homepage :o
However, the guy is an absolute wonder
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Re: Generators

I'm surprised pneumatics and hydraulic drives haven't been explored more when it comes to wind props. Charge your battery at optimal, uniform speeds once your 'storage container' is pressurized. No more of this trying to fit square pegs into round holes sort of thing when it comes to matching props with wind conditions.

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