The Rutland 913 commercial generator

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The company Marlec engineering produce a range of small wind turbines in Northhants, in the UK.

The range spans from the tiny 25 watt 514 through to the 90 watt 913 (pictured above) also available in a furling version the 910-3.

There is also a larger 750 watt model, the 1803 wind charger also.

The  913 sells for around 470 (incl VAT), We will be distributing them soon for the best price on the net.


Specifications of the 913.

 Generates 90w @ 19 knots, 24w @ 10 knots

Delivers up to 250w

Low wind speed start up of just 5 knots

One way only fit fine profile efficient aerofoil blades

Three phase Rutland "unique" generator design

Automatic thermostat protection in prolonged gales

In the October 2010, The U.K's 'Yachting Monthly' magazine trialled 16 small, medium & large turbines.

I've charted the results for the medium range (click to enlarge)

The Rutland 913 is clearly the winner on power, producing a little less power at lower windspeeds, and for the price, the best value for money.

I have owned a couple of these 913's and have found them to be outstanding, both quiet in use and powerful for their size.

Build quality is by far the best I have seen in a small wind turbine, and I have over the years experienced nearly all of them.

Please drop me an email if you are interested in our competitive pricing on this product, my personal guarantee and advice also offered. contact



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