DIY 12v-100w wind generator


               Original blade design                                                                                     Latest improved blade design


Quite a jump in power from the dynohub projects, this DIY wind generator really does provide a good amount of power to charge your 12 volt batteries.

Using readily available scrap parts and a bit of ingenuity it can be constructed for a very little cost, and is comparable, if not better than

commercial products!

I've had a lot of fun making this latest generator, it can produce over 8 amps at 12volts.

Rated output

RPM  Open Volts  Shorted Amps 
550          18.5V         5.3 Amps
600          20.0V         5.7 Amps
700          23.4V         6.5 Amps
800          26.9V         7.2 Amps
900          30.0V         8.0 Amps
1000        33.5V         8.7 Amps

Gotwind's Videos

See the video of mine flying here (3.5Mb wmv format)

New blades Video here (5Mb Quicktime format)

'Save link as' if you want to save quicktime movie


Detailed plans can be downloaded as an Adobe .PDF file here (scroll down)

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