Modified 6-12V - 5W Dynohub Wind generator.

wind_generator      dynohub_wind_generator

A considerably lighter 6 blade folded aluminium propeller was built that gave better start up.

Detailed plans can be downloaded as a 12 page Adobe .PDF file here (1Mb)



I have purchased a brand new Taiwanese made dynohub from eBay for 12 +6 postage.

It is rated as 6V- 3W, but I think it will offer more power, it has an internal resistance of 4 ohms as compared to the original dynohubs 6 ohms.

I bolted the hub to my small test rig, left image and gave it a spin by hand. I got 13volts unloaded and 0.59A Current (AC).

This suggests approximately 7.5 watts can be achieved when spinning at approx 120 rpm.

The design of the hub, with its large hub flanges lends itself well to the mounting of the aluminium propeller above.

Please see the Electronics  page for details of the circuits used here



See the Video of my modified wind generator design (1.7Mb)

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