Product Design Major Project

Dispensing the incorrect fuel into vehicles is on the increase - along with the costs to motorists. Last year the UK's recovery service AA  received 37,000 callouts regarding this problem, also known as misfuelling.

Since 1992 all petrol vehicles must be fitted with fuel filler neck restrictors. This physically prevents the larger diesel spout being inserted. There is no such restrictor on Diesel vehicles, so petrol can still be accidentally dispensed into Diesel vehicles.

I decided to research this problem area, which on average costs individuals 120 to rectify, e.g. draining of tanks, pumps e.t.c. It is estimated the total saving to the UKs motorists could be as much as 20 million pounds a year. On a global scale the savings of money, time and inconvenience would be considerable if a workable solution can be found and implemented.

The disposal of the thousands of gallons of contaminated diesel is of major concern to the environment as well.

My solution was to design a 'foolproof' oval nozzle and filler neck insert for diesel vehicles. click images to enlarge

diesel_nozzle   diesel_insert   diesel_pump.

This solution works and was submitted to Elaflex, the main nozzle manufacturers, BMW, Audi and other car manufacturers.

There reasons for not implementing the idea was due to cost! - so again the poor customer will have to foot the bill.........

And the environment suffers yet again


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