Vertical Superbright L.E.D generator.

led-wind_generator                  led_wind generator2


This project uses a  simple aluminium 3 veined vertically mounted turbine as designed by the good people at  coupled to quite a unique 'tumbling Neodymium magnet' generator purchased from



We place a small magnet in a container, such as a film can, with a wire wrapped around it. Another magnet, outside the container passes by the film can causing the magnet inside to tumble. When the magnet in the container flips, it induces a current in the coil to power the lights.

Because the internal magnet is not fixed inside the coil, the lights will flash regardless of the speed or direction of the external magnet.

The AC current could be rectified and smoothed if required.


It is a low powered unit, but is capable of lighting up to 5 superbright white LED's or charging Ni Cad batteries (constant current circuit needed).

Because of the generators design the LED's will work  at very low speeds and vertical axis turbine rotors will never exceed wind speed, eliminating much of the

danger traditional turbines face in high winds. Ideal for urban areas lighting pathways e.t.c.


See the Video of my modified wind generator design (1.7Mb) WMV Format


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