As we know, the location of the wind turbine is crucial to it's performance. There are many articles on the net relating to towers, but they are often designed for bigger machines that require anchors cementing into the ground, this is the most secure way, but I didn't want to go to such lengths.

Scaffold poles, particularly the aluminium ones are a good source for towers, a chat with a local scaffolding company can often be fruitful.

I paid 10 for a 3 metre length, second hand. Alternatives are steel water pipe (in the U.S). Don't forget wood, cheap light and plentiful.


I built a combination of aluminium pole bolted to a 9 Foot wooden stake for my tower.


3 or 4 guys can be used, I hammered in 4, two foot long 1/4" steel bars and used eye bolts for adjustment at the base.

I have heard that the screw type anchors used for camping are another option.



I made a 6" square wooden base plate to rest the pole on, and used gate brackets to connect the upper guy wires to.


Use a spirit level, or align your pole to a straight edge e.g. house wall to ensure your tower is perfectly vertical in all planes.

As I have said before, the plastic covered steel washing line cables are a cheap source for guy cables.

The 20 meters I required cost me just 3.36

Typical guy wire layout.


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