Soil pipe propeller



Using a piece of readily available 6" diameter PVC soil pipe, this aerodynamically 2 bladed propeller was produced.

30" in length, the pattern was printed off and glued to the inside of half of the pipe.

A hacksaw and file were used to create the propellers profile.

Because the soil pipe is made of P.V.C it will fade in U.V light - a good coat of paint should be applied.


New: I have read that over time, maybe 2 years with exposure to light PVC can become brittle, not ideal

when a prop is running at 200rpm - a safer alternative is to use A.B.S pipe.


windpower        wind_generator


Bicycle wheel hubs make good strong reliable mounts, for both the vertical and horizontal bearings. One of the flanges can be

either hack sawed off or removed on a lathe.


The blade profile can be downloaded as a PDF file or JPG image and printed off -  it will require 3 sheets of A4 paper .

The vertical lines are position markers. Please print in landscape at 100%

PDF version here

click to enlarge (60Kb)


See the Video of my soil pipe propeller design (623 Kb) WMV Format

NEW: Larger Video 640X480 (3.47 Mb) WMV Format here


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