Pedal Generator

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DIY 5 Watt and 100 Watt Versions.

What better way to keep fit and fight global warming, it's a win win solution...


An average reasonably fit human being can generate a constant 100 watts of power in 20 minute sessions - a great cardiovascular workout. If this generated power is stored in a lead acid battery it could be used to power three 11w (60w incandescent equivalent) Compact Fluorescent Lamps for one hour!!!

Your morning workout could power the lighting needs of a medium size room for one hour - whatever the wind or solar conditions outside!

Or maybe get the children off there Xbox's and get them contributing to the homes electrical demands...


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These two designs worked extremely well, the 5 Watt version is low powered and more suitable for a students project, even still a 20 minute session would power a 68 White LED bulb for one hour.

 The 100w version really does produce some useful energy, either powering 12 volt lights or electrical pumps e.t.c directly. An inverter can be connected to a charged battery to run mains appliances if desired, although they are not the most efficient use of the hard earned power that has been generated. You really appreciate how much energy is required to even generate 60 watts of power continuously and hopefully use grid power more sparingly.

The video below on the left shows me powering a 50 watt standard incandescent bulb (it is capable of powering 2 bulbs).

On the right is an efficient 11 watt Compact fluorescent powered by the 5w design (not at full brightness)


The huge benefit of the Pedal-Gen is that a standard, readily available motor / generator can be used, gearing up is not so much of a problem as with the wind generator projects.

The Pedal Generator plans can be bought as a single P.D.F document detailing both designs.

 P.D.F Plans include:

High Resolution images.

 Detailed working drawings,

Wiring diagrams

 Video clips (large 640x480).

Plus Full electrical rectification and regulation along with control solutions (also suitable for the wind generator projects)

Pedal gen as a remote water pumping solution

Water pumping seemed like the  next logical step for my pedal generator, I bought a cheap 1 ($2) drill powered pump -  You can get better quality versions.
The pump requires 2000-3000 rpm to operate, the 26" diameter bike wheel driving a 1" diameter roller at a pedal rate of 100 rpm gave me just that.

This will pump 15 litres a minute (900 litres an hour),

Better quality pumps could triple that figure. This version of pump is not self priming, so it had to be gravity fed. The more expensive Draper or Clarke pumps create enough initial

suction to draw water or any liquid for that matter up to 8 meters. Not advisable with petrol.

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