The Original 6-12V - 5W Dynohub Wind generator.


Here you can see the first plans I bought from The centre for alternative technology in 1983.

More detailed plans can be downloaded as a 12 page Adobe PDF file here  (1.5Mb)

       centre_for_alternative_technology  Dynohub_Wind_generator


        This first attempt was made pretty much identically to the plans I received. The trickiest part is re-spoking the wheel, so the spokes

leave the dynohub radially. The vanes could then be attached more conveniently.

  1. I obtained some reasonable results with this wind generator, getting 6volts @ 440Ma in a windy location.

  2. This equates to 2.64 Watts of power, at higher speeds (120 rpm) I obtained 12v - 5 watts.

  3. Back in the 1980's light emitting diodes were in there infancy so I had to settle for a 2.4w incandescent lamp.

  4. With such a load the generator had difficulty starting, but once going would give a good volume of light.

The Steel rimmed bicycle wheel was rather heavy - some development was needed!

See my Modified 6V - 5W Dynohub Wind generator. here

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