The Orange Wind Charger by Gotwind


Suitable for recharging any portable electronic device outdoors.

Please remember, the wind can blow 24 hours a day unlike solar power...



This unique green product recharges: Cell phones - digital camera's - Ipods  - mobile internet consoles - hand held GPS units e.t.c


Sorry: Not Commercially available yet.



"I've fallen in love with the idea and would do almost anything to get my hands on one" Frank V. Roesler III (Oklahoma City)


Initially the U.K's communications company Orange commissioned gotwind to design and build a working mobile phone wind charger prototype.

The timescale was  just 4 weeks, which coincided with the world famous U.K Glastonbury music festival of which Orange is a key sponsor.

We feel gotwind has achieved this and more.....

Our wind generator prototype is of the standard horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) type, with a blade propeller diameter of 30cm. Weighing a mere 150 grams.

The wind generator produces enough power to trickle charge an independent rechargeable battery.

A 12 hour charge (in a 12 m.p.h wind) of stored power is then ready for a mobile phone to be plugged into the control box and fully charged within 1-2 hours (dependent on phone manufacturer).



Gotwind's 3 wind charger prototypes ready to fly.....

We were very happy with what we have achieved, given such a tight schedule.

Due to the success of this project, we are available to undertake similar prototyping projects contact


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