Gotwind's founder Ben Jandrell


My first experience of renewable energy was a day visit to 'The centre for alternative technology' (C.A.T ) in Machynlleth , Wales, in the U.K

with my parents in 1981 at the age of nine and seeing a modified bicycle wheel generating electricity in the wind, all be it  a tiny 5 watts of power.


The 40 mile car journey home was spent reading with delight  the purchased plans (30p at the time), this then inspired me to have a go myself. 

The 1989 updated paper can be viewed here, (133 Kb PDF).


In my haste, and at that age many ill fated attempts were made - a 'bicycle bottle dynamo' directly connected to a  3 foot homemade wooden propeller  failed to do anything...


Over the years and with a bit more experience and research, more satisfactory results have been achieved.

I am a qualified engineer (toolmaker), more recently obtaining a first degree in industrial product design. Major project here


My goal is to design and share the ultimate micro wind turbine design from mainly scrap parts and for very little money...


Wish me Luck :-)


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